Luxy Hair: Improved Site Speed + Simplified UX

Luxy is the #1 rated hair extensions brand in the world. Prismfly partnered with Luxy to strategize, design, build, and AB test revamped product pages. The result was a beautifully clean UX, better page speed scores, and higher add to cart conversion rate.

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Luxy's product pages were historically slow to load and contained many points of friction. If unthoughtful, each bit of information can be an obstacle in the buyer's journey.

Prismfly partnered with Luxy's team to design and A/B test a revamped product detail page. Our goal was to improve site speed and decrease a user's cognitive load.

Like all projects, we started with research. The team started by getting intentional about diving deep into understanding customer needs. We also explored what information provided positive vs negative friction.


  • 46% of users do not revisit a poorly performing website
  • A 1-second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%
  • 1 in 4 visitors will abandon a site taking +4 seconds to load

After reviewing screen recordings, viewing heatmaps, buyer reviews, and studying the site code, we identified answers to our key questions.


+7% Mobile cart views
+3% Desktop Add to Cart Rate
-15% Page Load Time

In any project, there are multiple considerations and tradeoffs. Tradeoffs span UX, CRO, Development and so much more. Our team aims to understand these tradeoffs and determine the best foot forward. After plotting options, we identified a future state the team was proud of and ready to split test.  

One of the notable changes was migrating 38+ color swatches into a collapsed state. Swatches only loaded when the user expanded the drawer, which greatly reduced cognitive load. It also allowed us to avoid loading swatches images immediately which also supports our goal to improve site speed.

We applied this pattern to other products across the site to maintain consistency. Going one step further, we also split tested having a color family filter selected by default.  

The carousel relies on a single set of images for desktop and mobile and requires minimal JavaScript to operate. The resulting image gallery was both lightweight and responsive. These thoughtful considerations resulted in a responsive layout, consistent code, and decreased page load.

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